Her spontaneity in adapting herself completely to her character ‘Laurie’ along with her eagerness and patience in learning the Bengali language and striving to get the pronunciation exact, was very impressive.
— Rupali Guha, Director of 'Porichoi'
Though still relatively young, Ms. Mumford has garnered a reputation for bringing her talent, technical prowess, artistic intuition and experience to every project she embarks upon, consequently her versatility and talents are highly desirable.
— Andy Lucas, Actor and Director
Heidi is an extremely diligent and talented actress. I directed Heidi on a film project called ‘Keep The Fire’ and found her to be extremely professional and very capable. She was a pleasure to work with and dedicated herself to her performance with excellent results.
— Adam Hamdy, Director
Heidi Mumford plays Ludmilla, a Russian immigrant who inadvertantly causes trouble. Her amazing preparation for her character enabled her to be believable throughout her performance and even had the crew asking “How long has she lived here?” Her accent was as flawless as her performance. Si commented after the shoot “I am looking to work with Heidi as soon as possible as her approach to character driven work is very inspiring and makes my job a lot easier.
— Si Wall. Director of Speed Date